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Looking to mitigate, or even completely obliterate your personal tax bill? 

Let’s face it – who isn’t!?…

One increasingly attractive option available to UK tax-payers only, is to explore investing in early-stage technology businesses. Aside from the satisfaction that comes with supporting the growth of innovative UK businesses that are tackling real global issues, there are significant tax-saving opportunities available!

Anyone paying Income tax or facing Capital Gains tax can benefit from the Seed / Enterprise Investment Scheme (S/EIS)…

Firstly, it provides generous tax reliefs, including income tax relief of 30% or more on the amount invested (subject to your personal tax, investing £50K in EIS companies could knock £15K or more off your income tax/self assessment). It can also be used to defer or offset CGT, subject to individual circumstances.

Additionally, any gains made from EIS investments are potentially exempt from future capital gains. Furthermore, EIS investments can help diversify an investment portfolio by providing access to early-stage, high-growth companies.