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The Angel investing world has long been associated with making multiple investments (often after a bit of basic high-level personal DD) then crossing your fingers and hoping one or two come good. Even at a rudimentary level, good sense dictates that there must be a better way!

As we start to join the dots as to what the better way might look like, some obvious pointers smack you hard in the face.

  • Find a sector or collective of sectors that represent real opportunities
  • Build your knowledge base in these areas
  • Identify a pipeline of quality pre-prepped businesses that have genuine growth potential
  • Find some domain specialists to kick the tyres hard
  • Make sure the investment case stacks up
  • Identify founders who want to be helped
  • Know what the exit looks like
  • Makes sure there’s a roadmap and it’s achievable

Some two years into the prepping and planning of this ‘better way’ I’m delighted to say that I think we may well have created one.

Committed angels, with significant early-stage investment power. Strength in numbers and growing. Co-funding partners to bridge the equity gaps and raise out rounds. A multitude of advisors, mentors and specialists to support the growth journey to exit.

Ok, so it’s early days but the signs are good and some real winners in our investment cohort are starting to emerge.