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The Sixth Way™

01. Connect

We work with a range of Connectors (individuals and organisations) whom refer a ‘warm’ prospect list of 300 early-stage Sixth Wave businesses per annum, to be further assessed and rated.

02. Select

Every year we short-list an initial 30 companies utilising non-biased AI-driven selection, from which a final 10 will be identified for initial investment, following robust selection and due diligence process involving our Angels and our Advisors.

03. De-risk

Sixth Wave Angel Group to provide first monies in and de-risk the round for follow-on investors.

04. Co-fund

Additional co-funding support provided from SWV Investor Partners.

05. Advise

Mentor/advisory input from extensive SWV mentor network to fuel growth and help to ensure seamless path to near-term exit.

06. Synergise

Create synergy – Founder’s targets aligned with our targets, thus deliver win-win outcome for the Founders and early-stage investors!

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