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The Sixth Wave of Innovation

2020-2045 – The era of the Sixth Wave.

An era where the rate of progression will reach new levels, fuelled by necessity and driven by the determination of innovators, entrepreneurs and investors to change the world we live in.

  • This will demand a solution to existential societal problems – clean planet, health, diversity and sustainability.
  • The transition from ‘labour productivity’ to ‘resource productivity’ utilising cyber-physical systems and robotisation.
  • For the innovators and entrepreneurs in this space, their efforts will transform the world and the rewards will reflect this.
  • For the investors who back them, their returns may only be matched by the satisfaction of having helped make it happen.

The Sixth Wave Sectors

Net zero innovation, clean energy, energy storage, carbon reduction, optimisation software.

Scientific research & monitoring, data harvesting, biotechnology, situational awareness, ocean observation.

Conservation, waste management, recycling, protection.

Physical science, materials science, data science.

Advanced engineering, advanced manufacturing, AI.

Robotics, autonomous vehicles.

Marine & subsea e.g. autonomy, electric & hybrid.

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